The Peckham's Story...

It was a sunny day back in 1982 when we opened our first door and served our first inquisitive customer. A family owned Scottish company, my aim back then with Peckham's was to provide a personal and friendly service while offering foods of the highest quality, many of which were not then available north of the border.

Always being one who remembered to go to the shops just as their shutters were being lowered, I decided that Peckham's would remain open 'till midnight, seven days a week' - all our competitors were closing their doors at six. What we were offering was different - but how would the great Scottish public respond to this new fare?...
...better than we could ever have hoped. Several decades later, Peckham's has developed into a highly successful and well respected licensed delicatessen and restaurant group, widely recognised as the best of its kind in Scotland. We are a proudly Scottish company who believe we have, in our customers, the finest mix of good taste and a sense of fun. It is through our relationship with you that Peckham's is widely regarded as being Scotland's leading independent specialist food and drink merchants with 14 stores and over six thousand quality items from which to choose. Having come of age, I see the beginning of a new era for Peckham's. We have, over the years, developed an enviable relationship with our customers - one which is at the core of everything we do. After the success of our delicatessens we had many requests to open a restaurant. We opened 2 in Edinburgh, 'The Underground' at Bruntsfield, and 'Below' at South Clerk Street. I am extremely proud of what we, as a company, have achieved since opening. What gives me the most satisfaction, however, is seeing the same faces time and again in Peckham's stores and restaurants and hearing your comments. Like all fashions, people's eating habits change. As always, Peckham's will be pro-active in leading from the front. That is why you often see new and interesting items on our shelves. What's most refreshing, however, is that good, bad or indifferent, you are always the first to let us know how we're doing.

For me, the typical Peckham's customer is someone who appreciates the finer things in life and doesn't mind putting in that little bit of effort to make a meal a truly outstanding experience. Food is a gift - to appreciate, respect and enjoy. Don't be afraid to cook. Even the mistakes can be delicious and the memory amusing. As Peckham's employees we realise the quality of our products is paramount. We know the time and effort that goes into choosing each and every one of our six thousand items. So I must admit to enjoying it when customers ask questions and take an interest in what we sell. I hope and believe that Peckham's customers don't leave any of our shops with questions unanswered. Ask away, there's a lot of hidden delights to be found on our shelves and in our fridges.

Our team


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